News: Apr-Sept.

Been a very busy year. Our dogs have been doing us proud:


Clarke gained his Grand Championship at 17 months and now has 24 X ** Best In Show's **(All Breeds & Specialty) to his credit.

Jerry has been shown occasionally with great results a multiple Best in group winner and just recently RUBIS all breeds.


Marcus wins Minor in show at the Sheltie national in Brisbane in August. His brother Lucas is a Minor in show winner and is doing very well in the ring pushing the big boys with many Res cc wins.

Giggles is not letting the side down a Class in show and a multiple in group winner.


Robbie has been flying the flag with Rebecca Kelly and Charlie gained his Grand Championship with Lisa Barrenger.- Thanks girls.

All the other kids have been having a rest and we hope to have a litter in November/December 2009.

News: JAN-MAR 09

Clarke has won this year so far 4 X ***Best Exhibit In Show*** and 2 X **Runner Up Best In Show** and multiple **Best In Group** & *Runner Up Best In Group* wins.

Jerry  has won **Best In Group** & *Runner Up Best In Groups*  this year.

 We are very proud of our whippet Robbie co-owned & Loved By Rebecca Kelly on winning *Runner Up Best In Group*.

 We are now looking forward to all our new babies making their debut over the next few weeks.

'Tezer'  finish off the year as Top Standard Poodle puppy in Australia and we bred or owned 2 in the top 10.*

We had number 2 & 3 top show dogs for 2008 and owned or bred 5 dogs in the top 11 in the country (Standard poodles)*

We also finished as top Poodle Breeder in Australia for 2008 * (* Dogzonline point scores)

31 December 2008 - Dog of the Year Support Committee

Clarke goes ***Best Exhibit In Show***

13 December 2008- NSW Women's Dog Club

Jerry wins **Best In Group**  under Mr T Cartwright (NSW) Non sporting specialist. **INTERMEDIATE  in SHOW**  under Mrs H Pedersen (NSW)

7th December 2008  Ladies Kennel Club

Jerry wins BOB *Runner Up Best In Group* and *Intermediate in Group* under Miss J Ford (NSW) Floyd wins 2nd in the sweeps under sheltie specialist Mrs A Collyer (WA) & Best Baby puppy under Mrs S Crozier (NSW) Mason wins Res cc and **Puppy in Group** under Mrs Crozier (NSW).............In Brisbane Clarke wins **Runner Up Best In Show** and **JUNIOR in SHOW** under Mr E Soti and Mr W Egan (SA)






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